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What does hun mean?


While hun is a general term of endearment (short for honey), it's also used as dismissive slang for people peddling multi-level marketing, or pyramid schemes.

Examples of hun


Examples of hun
Don’t criticise Celtic you’ll be called a hun,fucking wankers out there.
@stephenmcd1967, August, 2018
I am truly ashamed, but unfortunately I was a hun stuck in that nasty trap of wanting to make a sale. I was not being the MLM success that I thought I should have been, and was starting to feel it was truly because I was not working hard enough at it.
Elle Beau, Elle Beau, the Anti-Blogger, July, 2017

Where does hun come from?

The slang hun comes from the way that multi-level marketers (MLM) are stereotyped to flatter people or sound familiar when trying to land a sale or attract a new recruit (e.g., Hey, hun, this could be your opportunity to make millions). A generic hun, in a place of specific name, also allows for easy copy-and-pasting of marketing messages in email or on social media.

In MLMs or pyramid schemes where you sell things like makeup or miracle weight-loss coffee, salespersons have to work their networks to get new recruits and sales, which makes some swarm friends and family about “exciting new business opportunities.” The spammy nature of their messages earned these huns the additional nickname: hunbot on online forums like Reddit, a reference to the programmed language of chatbots or sexbots.

Hun spread online in the mid-2010s, when MLM schemes became more commonplace on social media, especially in Facebook groups among some young, stay-at-home moms, the type imagined to use a chummy hun.

Unrelated are the fearsome 5th-century Asiatic nomads, the Huns, notably Attila. Also unrelated is the Irish Catholic slur, hun, for a Northern Irish Protestant, while Glasgow, Scotland fans of the Celtics Football use hun to insult their rivals, the Rangers.  A little culture for you …


Who uses hun?

People who are against MLM schemes, in particular ex-members who have since realized it’s all a scam, are the ones who most frequently use the terms hun and hunbot. Working huns find the term offensive; they prefer to think of themselves as, well, entrepreneurs.

A common phrase, now meme, U OK Hun?, is a common opener for MLM salespeople, or a snarky remark from people who think they’re better than you on that one bad day you seem to always be having …


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