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I said what I said

[ ahy sed wuht ahy sed ]

What does I said what I said mean?

I said what I said is a phrase used to indicate that one is unapologetically sticking to an opinion or statement even though it has been or is likely to be met with strong disagreement or controversy. The phrase often implies that the person does not regret or feel ashamed about their stance and that they have no intention to change their mind.

The phrase can be used immediately after making a statement or later, after disagreement has been voiced by others (in which case it functions as a way of reasserting the opinion or statement without actually repeating it).

The phrase is often (though not always) used to be humorous, especially in the context of an opinion that may be controversial but is not about a serious topic, such as a statement about disliking a popular movie or type of food (or liking an unpopular one).

Example: Everyone loves it, but Knives Out is overrated. I said what I said.

In more serious contexts, the phrase is sometimes used as a way of acknowledging a controversial statement without apologizing for it.

Example: I said what I said. People can take issue with it, but I feel my statement has merit.

Note that it’s possible for the sequence I said what I said to be used in non-idiomatic ways, such as when it occurs naturally in a sentence like I can’t really explain why I said what I said during the meeting.

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Where does I said what I said come from?

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This sense of the phrase I said what I said has been used since at least the 1970s. Its use increased in the 1990s. In the 2000s, I said what I said to become more closely associated with the unapologetic tone it often carries in modern usage. It is often used this way when “doubling down” on a controversial statement or opinion.

Examples of I said what I said

pumpkin flavored anything is nasty. i said what i said.
@whynotdaniella, August 30, 2022
Taylor defended her remarks Thursday on Twitter by writing: "I said what I said. Get offended." She continued doubling down on Friday.
Andrew Stanton, Newsweek, May 2022

Who uses I said what I said?

The phrase I said what I said is often used humorously to defend a controversial opinion about a topic that’s not serious. In more serious contexts, it’s sometimes used to acknowledge a controversial statement without apologizing for it.

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