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in the same vein

[ in thuh seym veyn ]

What does in the same vein mean?

The phrase in the same vein is used to indicate that two or more things are the same, similar, or closely related.

When it’s used in the middle of a sentence, it’s typically followed by the word as.

Example: I like to read novels in the same vein as those of Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë. 

When it’s used like this, it means much the same thing as like or similar to.

The phrase is also often used to start a sentence to introduce something similar to what was just mentioned.

Example: The company has been investing in renewable energy. In the same vein, we’re working to reduce the carbon footprint of our offices.

When it begins a sentence, it usually means the same thing as words like similarly and likewise. Less common variations of the phrase include in a similar vein and along the same vein. The similar phrase along the same line(s) is used to mean the same thing.

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Where does in the same vein come from?

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The phrase in the same vein has been recorded since at least the late 1800s. It has always been used to indicate that things are similar.

In the same vein uses the word vein in the sense of a particular manner or style. If something is described as being in the same vein as something else, it means that it shares a style, manner, quality, or characteristic with it.

Examples of in the same vein

Does the rest of the world see USA basketball players in the same vein as Kenyan runners?
@joezimmerman, August 6, 2021
The NFTs, which went on sale in March 2022, serve as a membership pass of sorts, in the same vein as the Disney VIP Club and the access that subsequently gives to Disney World.
Josh Wilson, Forbes, May 2022

Who uses in the same vein?

In the same vein is a common expression. It can be used at the start of a sentence to transition from a related topic, or it can be used elsewhere in a sentence to describe something as similar to something else.

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