What does tame mean?


When an animal is tame, it has been domesticated, a sense metaphorically extended to someone or something considered "subdued," "boring," or "mild." Tame is also a verb for so subduing someone or something, used in slang for sexually dominating a person in a desirable way.

Examples of tame


Examples of tame
someone tame her drunk ass pls...
@ludaiza_drrms, October 2018  

Tame Your Money Shame. It’s taboo to talk about financial struggles because our emotions about money run so deep—but naming our feelings around money will help us deepen our relationship with it.

Bari Tessler, Mindful, September 2018

Where does tame come from?

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Tame, as an adjective, is dated to Old English, when it was used of domesticated animals—to break them of their wild, human-fearing natureand people or things showing such subdued characteristics. The verb form is recorded by the 1300s.

By metaphorical extension, a person, performance, or work of art that is tame is dismissed as predictable or boring. We’re still calling, say, TV shows tame, though this use of the word (“dull, uninspired”) has been record since the 1600s.

Tame has several sexual slang applications. According to Green’s Dictionary of Slang, “taming the shrew” has been a joking phrase for “masturbate.” Is this what Shakespeare had in mind?! To tame a partner is way of saying you’re bringing them into submissions through your sexual prowess and passionate intercourse.

Who uses tame?

Critics of movies, TV shows, music, and other art forms who are unimpressed by what they’ve seen may describe the work as tame, especially when the work has been billed to be exciting or risqué.

People may also use the verb tame, when not breaking lions for the circus, as a way about bringing “wild” behavior under control. This could be anything from taming unruly hair to sexual promiscuity.

As noted, tame is often used in a desirable way for having such sexual lively sex with something that you’ve put them under your control.

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