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or weiner or weenie [wee-n-er]

What does wiener mean?

A wiener is a type of sausage or anything that superficially resembles one, particularly a penis or a dachshund breed of dog.

Where does wiener come from?

Examples of wiener

Only retweet if your wiener is under 5 1/4” on a good day.
@internet__Boi, February 2018
My wiener dog just goes into my parents room and barks until someone picks him up and puts him on their bed.
@KennFeltaman, February 2018
'Please tell me you don't already have a little wiener,' she says as she hands him a small hot dog, stunning him into momentary silence.
Tia (The Bachelor contestant), quoted by Lauren Piester, December 2017

Who uses wiener?

Some adults (especially parents) and children will use wiener in speech and writing as a euphemistic substitute for the penis. Due to its juvenile connotations, wiener can sound immature and is often a source of ridicule or humor.

Calling a person a wiener (i.e., a wimp or dork) can be considered mildly offensive. Calling a hotdog a wiener, while it still has some currency, may cause some confusion or snickers. Dachshunds, however, commonly go by wiener-dog; a 2016 film about the breed was even titled this.

Wiener is not to be confused with the common surname Weiner in German, Yiddish, and Jewish; however, this confusion is what leads to many of the misspellings of the word.

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