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  1. This Free Printable Comic Book Is A Noisy Writing Adventure For Kids

    What’s better than a comic book when you’re a kid? How about a free printable comic book that doubles as a writing prompt for kids? Bam! Sure, reading comic books (and graphic novels for that matter) is a classic kid activity and one that’s expert-approved for helping kids commit to a lifelong love of reading. Look no further than the likes of Captain Underpants, Diary …

  2. Capture The Whole Rainbow In Just One Word

    This brilliantly colorful word is a must have when describing all things rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns. You're welcome.
  3. Are You A Master Of The Arts? (A Quiz of Skill)

    What should you get your master’s in? MAs, MFAs, and MBAs don’t stand a chance against these obscure arts and sciences. Ace this quiz, and you’ve got an official Master’s in Madcap. If the quiz doesn’t display, please try opening in the Chrome browser.