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  1. Can You Guess These Words From Their Definitions?

    In this game, one person is going to share the definition of a word they chose. Then, another person has to guess what word it is. You should guess along at home! Don’t worry: we’ll have clues!
  2. These Long Words Are Nearly Impossible To Pronounce

    Dictionary.com presents another episode in our "Words That Are Really Hard to Pronounce!" series! It's time for the long words. Can you pronounce them correctly?
  3. This Or That: Play Along With This Quiz Show On Commonly Confused Words

    Today, we're quizzing people on camera in front of you all to see if they know the difference between these commonly confused words. Do you know the answers?
  4. Can You Say These Words That Are Really Hard To Pronounce?

    We found some of the hardest words to pronounce in the dictionary. Do you know the correct way to say them?
  5. Can You Find The Synonyms Within This Quiz Show?

    On Thesaurus.com, we love synonyms. We also love games. So, we're here on our first-ever episode of Find That Synonym looking at kangaroo words. Ready?
  6. Who vs. Whom: Can You Answer That Plus More Grammar Questions?

    Wow, we can't believe we're here ... here being Round 4 of these never-ending but very gratifying Grammar Gameshow. Are you ready?
  7. Can You Guess What These Christmas Carol Words Mean?

    Like many of us, these contestants have no idea what figgy pudding or many other words from Christmas carols actually mean. Contestants ... you're up.
  8. What Is The Meaning Of “Carte Blanche”?

    Carte blanche entered the English language as a French loan word in the mid-17th century, when card games were all the rage, of course. But what does it mean now?
  9. Thesaurus.com Presents The Gigantic, Gratifying, Grammar Gameshow

    YES, grammar can be fun ... keep watching ... because we've asked these 2 people to join our first ever Gigantic, Gratifying, Grammar Gameshow.
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    Kangaroo Words: Words That Contain Their Own Synonyms