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  1. Where Do The Words For Our Pets Come From?

  2. Where Did The World’s Most Popular Pet Names Come From?

  3. Fantastic Beasts That Can Be Found In The Dictionary

  4. Who Would You Describe As “Aloof”?

    Cat person or dog person? Everyone is different. But, would you go so far as to call them "aloof"?
  5. Words You Didn’t Know Were Inspired By Animals

    Did you know that the word "muscle" is derived from the Latin word for “mouse?” And this isn't the only word in the English language that is unexpectedly inspired by animals.

  6. For The Love Of Pets: These Quotes Are Pretty Purrfect

    We all love our pets, they don't judge us, they always listen, and they're the best at cuddling. These quotes will remind you of all that and more about your four-legged furry friends.
  7. How Well Do You Know Your Baby Animals

    Can you guess which of these words describes your favorite baby animal?
  8. They Call It Puppy Love And Other Animal-inspired Phrases

    We often attribute emotions and other human characteristics to animals. This is called anthropomorphism. Similarly, we also describe people using animal characteristics. You might, for example, say my teenage son “eats like a horse,” meaning he’s a growing boy and consumes a lot of food. This is called zoomorphism. Zoomorphism also includes assigning animal-like qualities to gods and inanimate objects. The term comes from the Greek …

  9. Foxy, Catty, Fishy: Are These Traits For Animals Or Humans?

    Catty It seems horribly unfair to adorable cats that catty is a human descriptor meaning “devious or spiteful” (and usually in reference to female behavior). What gives? The word cat has been around since the year 700. But then, in the Middle Ages, cat became one of the many offensive terms against women and was slang for “prostitute.” The association might have been made because …

  10. Villainous Pets We Love To Hate