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  1. How Do You Use The Term “Schatzi”?

    Schatzi is a German term of endearment but how do you use it and what does it actually mean?
  2. Words That Totally Look Like English—But Aren’t

    Since English is a major lingua franca, languages around the world import English loanwords. Sometimes other languages give completely new meanings to words that look like English yet they aren’t ever used by English-speakers.

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    There are a few choice words and phrases out there that have a tendency to transcend the language they’re uttered in due to the expansiveness of the idea behind them. So how do you say this common US phrase in other languages?
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    If pronouncing cities and places in your own country is hard, try pronouncing international city names! Can you get these pronunciations, right?
  6. The Meaning Behind “Et Tu Brute?”

    There is more to this phrase than a simple translation. Watch and learn about the true meaning behind "Et tu, Brute?" in this video.
  7. 8 Portuguese Terms We Wish Existed in English

    Sometimes we’re at a loss for words, not because we’re speechless, but because no English term lends itself to the situation (or snack) at hand. At those times, we turn to other languages, celebrating them for the concepts we wish we could express so easily in English. Here are some of our favorite words from the Portuguese language. saudade This untranslatable Portuguese term refers to …

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    We asked this woman, who speaks six languages, what the most fun-to-say words are. Do you know any of the words she chose?
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