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  1. It’s Past Time We All Learned About Black Wall Street And The Tulsa Massacre

    by Kimberly C. Ellis, Ph.D. Millions of people in the US and around the world were first introduced to Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Massacre during the debut episode of the HBO TV series Watchmen in October 2019. But many others only learned about these important, and sadly forgotten, parts of American history after President Donald Trump was widely rebuked for insensitively scheduling his …

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    The Oldest Words In The English Language

  3. Redefine Black: Why Dictionary.com Is Updating Its Definition

    Update: Dictionary.com lexicographers have completed updates of our current entry for the word Black. Read on to find out why we’ve decided to revise this particular entry. At Dictionary.com we take words very seriously. They are foundational to how individuals think about themselves, and they can influence the perceptions of others. When it comes to the language of identity, the words we use are especially important. …