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te extraño mucho

or te extraño [tey ek-strahn-yoh moo-choh]

What does te extraño mucho mean?

Te extraño (mucho) means “I miss you (so much)” in Spanish.

Where does te extraño mucho come from?

Examples of te extraño mucho

it's been a year since one of the most important person in my lifeeeee left this world. Nos hace muchisima falta. Te extraño mucho abuelito...1953 - 2017
@_evelynyazmin_, January 2018
Te extraño cada día, un poquito mas, bombón. Sos el más lindo’", le dedicó la actriz a su novio, que no tardó en responder el posteo con un divertido reproche desde Buenos Aires.
Laura Esquivel, Infobae, December 2017
Today I found out @laurahidalgoo is taking Spanish at school and I couldn't smile bigger. Hey Laura. I'm supposed to give YOU a gift. Not the other way around. Happy late birthday prima. Te quiero y extraño mucho. ¡Besos!
@evelyyyn_, January 2018

Who uses te extraño mucho?

Te extraño mucho enjoys wide usage in speech and writing among Spanish speakers and, as noted, its familiarity lends itself to frequent code-switching among multilingual speakers.

On social media, “#teextraño” is a popular hashtag, with over one-million instances on Instagram variously used alongside pictures or inspirational quotes dealing with missing loved ones.

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