Around the Web: Valley Girls, Huh, and McDonald’s New Name

  • Huh? These three letters make one of the only universally understood words in the world. Slate explores this in a video.
  • On Wednesday, Electric Literature hosted a Twitter contest for #LitWords, clever neologisms inspired by books, like Ohwellian meaning “resigned to dystopia.” Here are the winners.
  • The widely maligned Valley Girl uptalk may have originated in the Scots-Irish intonation patterns of Great Britain, not in Encino.
  • Why is the so difficult to define? Also, earlier this year an Australian restaurant owner tried to make a symbol for the, but so far, it hasn’t taken off.
  • In case you missed it, Michael Erard (who wrote a great book about hyperpolyglots) is launching a digital periodical about language.
  • The German language is quickly acquiring English words and giving them a German twist. Some call this Denglisch. But Denglisch isn’t the only language hybrid being discussed this week; there’s also Brazinglish.
  • In Australia, McDonald’s temporarily changed its named to Macca’s.
  • Are you working on your novel for NaNoWriMo? Here’s tip #10 from the publishing professionals at Galley Cat.
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