Can you tell the future with our Word of the Day?

Word of the Day, bibliomancy, comics, rap, youtube videosSome people use the Word of the Day to learn a new, unusual word every day. Others use it like a Magic 8 ball, to provide guidance or to predict the future. To our delight, others use it to make rap videos. Yesterday, we ran across a video that featured one of our devoted Word of the Day fans using every January word of the Day in a unique, funny hip-hop rhyme. We were most impressed that he included the definitions of the words in text captions in the video as well as by the accuracy with which he used these (sometimes obscure) words!

When someone uses words as a way to predict the future or just to gauge the mood of their day, it’s called bibliomancy. We’re bibliomancy enthusiasts here at, and always enjoy learning how others find personal significance in our Word of the Day picks.

In this Non-Sequitur comic, a couple attempts to use bibliomancy to name their new boat. We don’t recommend relying on our words of the day for this or any other fateful decision.

So thank you for making our daily words a part of your life. Do you use our words of the day in a creative way? Send us your examples and maybe we can highlight them in a future post!

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The Dictionary Is More Than The Word Of The Day

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