[ gam-buhl ]
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verb (used without object),gam·boled, gam·bol·ing or (especially British) gam·bolled, gam·bol·ling.
  1. to skip about, as in dancing or playing; frolic.

  1. a skipping or frisking about; frolic.

Origin of gambol

1495–1505; earlier gambold, gambald, gamba(u)de, from Middle French gambade, variant of gambado2

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How to use gambol in a sentence

  • They hold out every new object for you to see it with them, and look up after each gambol for you to rejoice with them.

  • From this we hurried to the Water Garden, and took a last dive into its clear waters and a last gambol amongst its coral groves.

    The Coral Island | R.M. Ballantyne

British Dictionary definitions for gambol


/ (ˈɡæmbəl) /

verb-bols, -bolling or -bolled or US -bols, -boling or -boled
  1. (intr) to skip or jump about in a playful manner; frolic

  1. a playful antic; frolic

Origin of gambol

C16: from French gambade; see gambado ², jamb

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