[ gam-bohj, -boozh ]
/ gæmˈboʊdʒ, -ˈbuʒ /


Also cambogia. a gum resin from various Asian trees of the genus Garcinia, especially G. hanburyi, used as a yellow pigment and as a cathartic.
yellow or yellow-orange.

Origin of gamboge

1625–35; < New Latin gambog- (stem of gambogium), variant of cambog-, after Cambodia


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British Dictionary definitions for gamboge

/ (ɡæmˈbəʊdʒ, -ˈbuːʒ) /


  1. a gum resin used as the source of a yellow pigment and as a purgative
  2. the pigment made from this resin
gamboge tree any of several tropical Asian trees of the genus Garcinia, esp G. hanburyi, that yield this resin: family Clusiaceae
a strong yellow colour
Also called (for senses 1, 2): cambogia

Derived forms of gamboge

gambogian, adjective

Word Origin for gamboge

C18: from New Latin gambaugium, from Cambodia
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