Your City in a Word

We’ve always wondered: do different cities tend to look up different words in the dictionary? Luckily, we can look at the data to see what’s trending in different metropolitan areas! Our analytics team took our search data from February to March of this year and analyzed the national averages against top looked up words in specific cities. The results revealed underlying moods or themes across the US.

Here are a few of our highlights:

—San Francisco, perhaps most famous for its iconic bridges, could well be experiencing a bit of bridge envy as “Verrazano Narrows Bridge” (which connects Brooklyn to Staten Island) came out on top.

—In D.C., users can’t shake the specter of government, as “gun control” and “whig” topped the list.

—New York City may have some serious health concerns with “precipitin test” coming in at number one.

—St. Louis seems focused on situations that perhaps don’t meet expectations with “what-if” and “foobar” coming out on top.

Below is a list some of the top words looked up in select U.S. cities, followed by the number of times more than the national average they were looked up:

  • Jacksonville – geewhiz (246x)
  • Milwaukee – elementary (142x)
  • Las Vegas – roasting ears (133.4x)
  • Memphis – subordinate conjunction (169x)
  • Indianapolis – isthmus (93.4x)
  • Denver – ice-fog (91.4x) and marmots (65.7x)
  • Detroit – half-back (75.8x)
  • San Diego – iodophor (74.7x)
  • Boston – fender-bender (51.9x)
  • Dallas – peep (45.9x)
  • St. Louis – what-if (45.6x) and foobar (38.1x)
  • Phoenix – public utility (40.6x)
  • Seattle – dominos (38.1x)
  • Chicago – peatier (33.4x)
  • Philadelphia – subnormal (30x)
  • San Francisco – Verrazano Narrows Bridge (29x)
  • Washington D.C. – gun control (29.4) and whig (26.1x)
  • Minneapolis – fricassee (19.7x)
  • Los Angeles – walking stick (15x)
  • New York City – precipitin test (12.8x)

What do you think of these spiking searches?

Your City in a Word

Zoom in or download the infographic here.

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