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Monday, January 07, 2002

Definitions for surreptitious

  1. Done, made, or gotten by stealth.
  2. Acting with or marked by stealth.

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Citations for surreptitious
The monitoring is not surreptitious; on the contrary, the defendant and his or her attorney are required to be given notice of the government's listening activities. John Ashcroft, Federal Register 66, no. 211
While men's appetites are driven by availability, women's are often driven by cravings. A dab of chocolate here, a pinch of sugar there, and some surreptitious midnight Dairy Queen runs lurk behind a woman's oh-so-virtuous bran breakfast, salad lunch, and grilled fish dinner. Wendy Hubbert, Redbook
Origin of surreptitious
late Middle English
Surreptitious comes from Latin surrepticius, "stolen, secret, surreptitious," from surripere, "to take away secretly; to steal," from sub-, "under" + rapere, "to seize, to snatch."