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Saturday, July 27, 2002

Definitions for diaphanous

  1. very sheer and light; almost completely transparent or translucent.
  2. delicately hazy.

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Citations for diaphanous
Cool, silver-heeled, in a billowing, diaphanous white shawl, she ambles in uninvited at the end of Act I, along with her companion, Oscar (Peter Francis James), a dark, intruding angel. John Lahr, "Dancing with Death," The New Yorker, March 19, 2012
Problems already begin to appear, perhaps they are not problems as yet, rather different layers of meaning, displaced sediments, new questioning formulations, take for example the phrase, Over the great nakedness of truth, the diaphanous cloak of imagination. José Saramago, translated by Giovanni Pontiero, The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis, 1991
Origin of diaphanous
Diaphanous can be traced to the Greek term diaphaínein meaning "to show through." It entered English in the early 1600s.
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