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Friday, April 04, 2003

Definitions for circumspect

  1. Marked by attention to all circumstances and probable consequences; cautious; prudent.

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Citations for circumspect
When the evidence is plentiful and the theories well confirmed, we can be more confident of the historical scenarios we propose; when theories are weak or evidence scarce, we ought to be more circumspect. Robert J. Richards, New York Times
One had the feeling, indeed, that he rather enjoyed being mysterious, for although he regularly granted interviews to scholars and journalists after leaving the State Department, he was always circumspect and often cryptic in what he said. John Lewis Gaddis, New York Times
Origin of circumspect
late Middle English
Circumspect comes from the past participle of Latin circumspicere, "to look around, to consider carefully," from circum-, "around" + specere, "to look." The noun form is circumspection.
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