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Monday, September 19, 2005

Definitions for immure

  1. To enclose within walls, or as if within walls; hence, to shut up; to imprison; to incarcerate.
  2. To build into a wall.
  3. To entomb in a wall.

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Citations for immure
Not surprisingly, Sally shuddered at the thought of being immured in the black cave, to die slowly and hopelessly, far below the sunny hillside. Peter Pierce, Australian Literary Studies
True, there was a Mughal emperor in Delhi until 1857, but he was emperor in name only, the shadow of a memory, described by Lord Macaulay as 'a mock sovereign immured in a gorgeous state prison'. Anthony Read, The Proudest Day
Origin of immure
Immure comes from Medieval Latin immurare, from Latin in-, "in" + murus, "wall." It is related to mural, a painting applied to a wall.
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