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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Definitions for deliquesce

  1. To melt away or to disappear as if by melting.
  2. (Chemistry) To dissolve gradually and become liquid by attracting and absorbing moisture from the air, as certain salts, acids, and alkalies.
  3. To become fluid or soft with age, as certain fungi.

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Citations for deliquesce
Now it's high summer, the very high point of the high season, and I've just struggled back from Santa Eulalia with the weekly shop, most of which has already deliquesced into an evil-smelling puddle in the back of the car. Paul Richardson, Independent
His entire countenance seems to deliquesce into a splotch of spreading goo. John Simon, National Review
Origin of deliquesce
Deliquesce comes from Latin deliquescere, from de-, "down, from, away" + liquescere, "to melt," from liquere, "to be fluid." It is related to liquid and liquor.
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