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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Definitions for abjure

  1. To renounce under oath.
  2. To renounce or reject solemnly; to recant; to reject; repudiate.
  3. To abstain from; to shun.

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Citations for abjure
abjure, on his knees, his heretical views that the Earth moves around the Sun. Alan Gurney, Below the Convergence
He closed his eyes as he raised the goblet to his lips and took a small sip of the cool liquid, and then his face paled as he understood how sublime the taste of the forbidden drink was, and how easily one might become enslaved to it. There and then he resolved to abjure it totally. A. B. Yehoshua, A Journey to the End of theMillennium
Origin of abjure
late Middle English
Abjure comes from Latin abjurare, "to deny upon oath," from ab-, "away" + jurare, "to swear." It is related to jury, "a body of persons sworn to give a verdict on a given matter."