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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Definitions for benignant

  1. Kind; gracious.
  2. Beneficial; favorable.

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Citations for benignant
After the captain and ladies had sat down, the autocratic steward rang a second bell, and with a majestic wave of the hand, and a calm, benignant smile, signified his pleasure that we should sit down. Sir Henry Stanley, Independent
At the meeting it was strange to see, amidst the peaceful, benignant faces, this woe-begone old man, with his thick white hair and his deeply furrowed placid cheeks, looking wistfully from one to the other, and listening anxiously, hoping some day to hear the words which should bring peace to his soul. Alexander L. Kielland, Skipper Worse
Origin of benignant
Benignant comes from the present participle of Late Latin benignare, from Latin benignus, "kind, friendly."