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Friday, December 01, 2006

Definitions for debouch

  1. To march out (as from a wood, defile, or other narrow or confined spot) into the open.
  2. To emerge; to issue.
  3. To cause to emerge or issue; to discharge.

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Citations for debouch
When the mill hands hassled Pete at the Manchester Cafe, he took off his apron, debouched from behind the counter and beat them senseless. Richard Rhodes, Why They Kill
Bangladesh, one of the most populous spots on earth, is virtually the delta of the Brahmaputra and Ganga river systems, where numerous streams and rivers debouch to the Bay of Bengal. , Times of India
Origin of debouch
Debouch comes from French déboucher, from dé- (for de), "out of" (from Latin de) + bouche, "mouth" (from Latin bucca, "cheek, mouth"). The noun form is debouchment.
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