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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Definitions for limpid

  1. Characterized by clearness or transparency; clear; as, "a limpid stream."
  2. Calm; untroubled; serene.
  3. Clear in style; easily understandable.

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Citations for limpid
Claire's large eyes are a limpid, liquid blue that reflect the ambient world. Margaret A. Salinger, Dream Catcher
Lying on the sand one limpid afternoon, Margarita-drowsed, gazing out at the turquoise water through half-closed eyes, following the seaweed swaying back and forth just beneath the surface, I fancied (as any self-respecting writer must do) that it would be my turn to write a book about Mexico some day. Neil Baldwln, Legends of the Plumed Serpent
Origin of limpid
Limpid is from Latin limpidus, "clear."