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Friday, June 08, 2007

Definitions for palliate

  1. to relieve or lessen without curing; mitigate; alleviate.
  2. to try to mitigate or conceal the gravity of (an offense) by excuses, apologies, etc.; extenuate.

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Citations for palliate
He was a strong man with an austere command of himself, and when he had to face death he divested himself of all that could palliate the suffering, and stood up to it with a stark resolution which was more Roman than Christian. John Buchan, Sick Heart River, 1941
His companions suggested only what could palliate imprudence, or smooth objections; and by the time they had talked it all over together, and he had talked it all over again with Emma, in their walk back to Hartfield, he was become perfectly reconciled, and not far from thinking it the very best thing that Frank could possibly have done. Jane Austen, Emma, 1815
Origin of palliate
Palliate stems from the Late Latin palliātus meaning "cloaked, covered." It entered English in the early 1400s.