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Sunday, November 05, 2017

Definitions for atemporal

  1. free from limitations of time.

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Citations for atemporal
He seemed to recall--within the memory banks of the body itself--those unconstrained, atemporal afternoons of childhood, twilight playing, parental calls to return home like hooting apes in the suburban gloaming ... Will Self, Great Apes, 1997
And with them, or after them, may there not come that even bolder adventurer--the first geolinguist, who, ignoring the delicate, transient lyrics of the lichen, will read beneath it the still less communicative, still more passive, wholly atemporal, cold, volcanic poetry of the rocks ... Ursula K. Le Guin, "The Author of the Acacia Seeds," The Compass Rose, 1982
Origin of atemporal
The first syllable of the English adjective atemporal “not subject to time, timeless” is formed from an, a-, the Greek prefix of negation, absence, or privation (called in the grammar books the “alpha privative”). The Greek forms derive from a reduced form of Proto-Indo-European ne “not,” the same source as Sanskrit an-, a- (the identity of the Greek and Sanskrit forms is one of the features linking Greek and Sanskrit), the Germanic (English) prefix un- and Latin in- (and its assimilated forms il-, im-, ir-). Atemporal entered English in the 19th century.