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Saturday, January 05, 2019

Definitions for douceur

  1. a conciliatory gift or bribe.
  2. a gratuity; tip.
  3. Archaic. sweetness or agreeableness.

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Citations for douceur
And this in spite of the douceur he received at the opening of the campaign. D. A. Bingham, A Selection of Letters and Despatches of the First Napoleon, Volume II, 1884
Prescott and the other keeper have also received a silver medal and a douceur from the society. Frank Buckland, "The Hippopotamus and Her Baby," Popular Science, May 1873
Origin of douceur
The French noun douceur “sweetness, a sweet taste,” comes from Late Latin dulcor (stem dulcōr-) with the same meaning. The French noun also means “pleasure, kindness, gift, reward,” and finally “bribe,” much like English sweetener. Douceur entered English in the 14th century.