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[uh-fer-uh-sis for 1; af-uh-ree-sis for 2]
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  1. Also aphaeresis. the loss or omission of one or more letters or sounds at the beginning of a word, as in squire for esquire, or count for account.
  2. Medicine/Medical. the withdrawal of whole blood from the body, separation of one or more components, and return by transfusion of remaining blood to the donor.

Origin of apheresis

1605–15; < Late Latin aphaeresis < Greek aphaíresis a taking away, equivalent to aphairé(în) to take away (ap- ap-2 + haireîn to snatch) + -sis -sis
Related formsaph·e·ret·ic [af-uh-ret-ik] /ˌæf əˈrɛt ɪk/, adjective
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  1. the omission of a letter or syllable at the beginning of a word
  2. a method of collecting blood from donors that enables its different components, such as the platelets or plasma, to be separated out
Derived Formsapheretic or aphaeretic (ˌæfəˈrɛtɪk), adjective

Word Origin

C17: via Late Latin from Greek, from aphairein to remove
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apheresis in Medicine


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  1. A procedure in which blood is drawn from a donor and separated into its components, some of which are retained, such as plasma or platelets, and the remainder returned by transfusion to the donor.hemapheresis
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