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noun Informal.
  1. an awkward, simple, unsophisticated person from a rural area; yokel.

Origin of bumpkin1

1560–70; < Middle Dutch bommekijn “little barrel,” equivalent to boom beam + -kijn -kin
Related formsbump·kin·ish, bump·kin·ly, adjective


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clod, boor, hillbilly, hayseed, rube, hick, yahoo.


noun Nautical.
  1. a beam or spar projecting outward from the hull of a vessel, for extending a sail, securing blocks, etc.
Also boomkin.

Origin of bumpkin2

1625–35; < Middle Dutch boom boom2, beam + -kin
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  1. an awkward simple rustic person (esp in the phrase country bumpkin)

Word Origin

C16 (perhaps originally applied to Dutchmen): perhaps from Dutch boomken small tree, or from Middle Dutch boomekijn small barrel, alluding to a short or squat person



  1. variant spellings of boomkin
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Word Origin and History for bumpkin


"awkward country fellow," 1560s, probably from Middle Dutch bommekijn "little barrel," diminutive of boom "tree" (see beam (n.)). Apparently, though itself Dutch, it began as a derogatory reference to Dutch people as short and dumpy.

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