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  1. Baseball. home run.
  2. homing pigeon.
verb (used without object)
  1. Baseball. to hit a home run: The catcher homered in the ninth with one on to take the game.

Origin of homer1

First recorded in 1865–70; home + -er1


  1. a Hebrew unit of capacity equal to ten baths in liquid measure or ten ephahs in dry measure.

Origin of homer2

First recorded in 1525–35, homer is from the Hebrew word ḥōmer literally, heap
Also called kor.


  1. 9th-century b.c., Greek epic poet: reputed author of the Iliad and Odyssey.
  2. Winslow,1836–1910, U.S. painter and illustrator.
  3. a male given name.
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  1. another word for homing pigeon
  2. US and Canadian an informal word for home run


  1. c. 800 bc, Greek poet to whom are attributed the Iliad and the Odyssey. Almost nothing is known of him, but it is thought that he was born on the island of Chios and was blind
  2. Winslow. 1836–1910, US painter, noted for his seascapes and scenes of working life
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Word Origin and History for homer


name of the supposed author of the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey," from Latin Homerus, from Greek Homeros. The name first occurs in a fragment of Hesiod. It is identical to Greek homeros "hostage," also "blind" (connecting notion is "going with a companion").


short for home run, from 1884. As a verb, from 1946. Related: Homered; homering.

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homer in Culture


An ancient Greek poet, author of the Iliad and the Odyssey. He has often been considered the greatest and most influential of all poets. According to tradition, Homer was blind.

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