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  1. an implement of stone or other substance with a flat base for grinding paints, powders, etc., on a slab of stone or the like.
  2. any of various mechanical devices for grinding.

Origin of muller1

1375–1425; late Middle English molour; see mull4, -or2, -er1


  1. a person or thing that mulls alcoholic beverages.
  2. a container for mulling an alcoholic beverage over a fire.

Origin of muller2

First recorded in 1855–60; mull2 + -er1


[myoo-ler, muhl-er, mil-]
  1. Hermann Joseph,1890–1967, U.S. geneticist: Nobel Prize in medicine 1946.


[muhl-er; German my-luhr]
  1. Frie·drich Max [free-drik maks; German free-drikh mahks] /ˈfri drɪk mæks; German ˈfri drɪx mɑks/, 1823–1900, English Sanskrit scholar and philologist born in Germany.
  2. Jo·hann [yoh-hahn] /ˈyoʊ hɑn/, Regiomontanus, 1436–76, German mathematician and astronomer.
  3. Jo·han·nes Pe·ter [yoh-hah-nuh s pey-ter] /yoʊˈhɑ nəs ˈpeɪ tər/, 1801–58, German physiologist and comparative anatomist.
  4. Karl Alex,born 1927, Swiss physicist, codiscoverer of superconductivity: Nobel prize 1987.
  5. Wil·helm [vil-helm] /ˈvɪl hɛlm/, 1794–1827, German poet.
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Historical Examples

  • Captain Muller understood that the conversation was at an end.

    A Nest of Spies

    Pierre Souvestre

  • You are going to put Captain Muller in the way of things here, Commandant, are you not?

    A Nest of Spies

    Pierre Souvestre

  • "Well, it would come to the same, whoever let it off," said Muller.

  • I suppose you got that letter, father, that I sent from Constantinople, from Mr. Muller?

    At Aboukir and Acre

    George Alfred Henty

  • Muller ransacked his brains and looked again at Gurn, then shook his head.


    Pierre Souvestre

British Dictionary definitions for muller


  1. a flat heavy implement of stone or iron used to grind material against a slab of stone

Word Origin

C15: probably from mullen to grind to powder; compare Old English myl dust


  1. Hermann Joseph. 1890–1967, US geneticist, noted for his work on the transmutation of genes by X-rays: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1946


  1. Friedrich Max (ˈfriːdrɪç maks). 1823–1900, British Sanskrit scholar born in Germany
  2. Johann (joˈhan).See Regiomontanus
  3. Johannes Peter (joˈhanəs ˈpeːtər). 1801–58, German physiologist, anatomist, and experimental psychologist
  4. Paul Hermann (paul ˈhɛrman). 1899–1965, Swiss chemist. He synthesized DDT (1939) and discovered its use as an insecticide: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1948
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muller in Medicine


  1. American geneticist. He won a 1946 Nobel Prize for the study of the hereditary effect of x-rays on genes.


(mŭlər, myōōlər, mü-)
  1. German physiologist who studied the physiology of the nerves and sense organs and described (1825) the müllerian duct.
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