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  1. nothing.
  1. no1(def 1).
  1. (used as an exclamation, especially of warning): Nix, the cops!
verb (used with object)
  1. to veto; refuse to agree to; prohibit: to nix the project.

Origin of nix1

1780–90; < German: variant of nichts nothing


noun, plural nix·es.
  1. (in Germanic folklore) a water spirit that draws its victims into its underwater home.

Origin of nix2

1825–35; < German Nix, Old High German nihhus; cognate with Old English nicor water monster, Old Norse nykr, Norwegian nøkk, Swedish näck; compare Sanskrit nenekti (he) washes
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Historical Examples

  • I wanted the old gent to start me up in it, but he said, 'Nix come arouse.'

    Wayside Courtships

    Hamlin Garland

  • Also am second in altitude, but nix on the altitude again, I'm pretty poor at it.

    The Trail of the Hawk

    Sinclair Lewis

  • I've had to drill the whole forenoon and have got nix to eat but a poor soup.

  • With a triumphant air, the gold spectacles turned to our friend Nix.

    The Art of Amusing

    Frank Bellew

  • Our friend Nix asked why Moses and the Jews were the best-bred people in the world?

    The Art of Amusing

    Frank Bellew

British Dictionary definitions for nix


sentence substitute
  1. another word for no 1 (def. 1)
  2. be careful! watch out!
  1. a rejection or refusal
  2. nothing at all
  1. (tr) to veto, deny, reject, or forbid (plans, suggestions, etc)

Word Origin

C18: from German, colloquial form of nichts nothing


  1. German myth a male water sprite, usually unfriendly to humans

Word Origin

C19: from German Nixe nymph or water spirit, from Old High German nihhus; related to Old English nicor sea monster
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Word Origin and History for nix


"nothing, none," 1789, from German nix, dialectal variant of nichts "nothing," from Middle High German nihtes, from genitive of niht, nit "nothing," from Old High German niwiht, from ni, ne "no" (see un-) + wiht "thing, creature" (cf. naught).


"cancel, refuse, forbid," 1903, from nix (n.). Related: Nixed; nixing.

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