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What does HYB mean?

HYB is a textspeak acronym standing for two phrases: how you been? and handle your business.

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For example

Depression can smile joke around like nothing is wrong so instead of asking wyd? Ask Hyb.

@TheR3alC4, September, 2017

this random person I've never talked to snapped me "what's up Lindsey! hyb girl?!?" as if we've ever had a conversation or that he even knows my name

@TheeLindaSpoor, May, 2018

Graduating Seniors don’t let NOBODY fool you into thinking it’s something wrong with building a career in the area you Graduated from or at that University being gainfully employed isn’t the easiest task in the world especially after Graduation So HYB 💯

@JockT_Nem, May, 2018

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