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  3. The Top 10 Current Parenting Buzzwords

    This isn’t your parents’ parenting The language of parenting is constantly evolving, and these changes often occur in tandem with new parenting movements and styles. The early 20th century authoritarian style of parenting gave way to a more permissive parent in the ‘60s and ‘70s. The ‘80s and ‘90s parent became more intricately involved and focused on building their children’s self-esteem. Trophies for everyone! Now, …

  4. What Do “Numpire” and “Ewt” Have in Common?

    These funny-looking words may not be recognizable, but they were the ancestors of our modern-day umpire and newt. So, how did they evolve into their current forms? Because of the pesky letter n, the indefinite article a/an, and the fact that a bunch of English-speakers hundreds of years ago had hearing problems. The bouncing n and rebracketing Words like numpire and ewt underwent a process we’re playfully calling the …

  5. Clickbait Isn’t New

    Clickbait existed before clicking did “When you find out what these kids are jumping into, your jaw will drop!” “Baby ducks see water for the first time—can you BELIEVE what they do?” Confronted with such emotionally charged lines, it’s almost impossible not to click. Do the tykes tumble into a vat of chocolate syrup? Are ducklings reaching for toothpaste to brush their beaks? Can you …

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