a combination of -ate1 and -or2 that forms nouns corresponding to verbs ending in -ate1,denoting a human agent (agitator; mediator; adjudicator) or nonhuman entity, especially a machine (incubator; regulator; vibrator) performing the function named by the verb.

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Compare -tor, -or2.

Origin of -ator

< Latin -ātor, orig. not a suffix, but the termination of nouns formed with -tor -tor from verbs whose stems ended in -ā-; in English, Latin loanwords ending in -ātor have been reanalyzed as derivatives of the past participles in -tus (see -ate1) and a suffix -or (see -or2), and many new English nouns derived from English verbs based on Latin past participles (e.g., vibrator from vibrate)
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British Dictionary definitions for -ator


suffix forming nouns

a person or thing that performs a certain actionagitator; escalator; radiator

Word Origin for -ator

from Latin -ātor; see -ate 1 -or 1
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