[ em ]

noun,plural ems.
  1. the letter M, m.

  2. Also called mut, mutton. Printing.

    • the square of any size of type used as the unit of measurement for matter printed in that type size.

    • (originally) the portion of a line of type occupied by the letter M in type of the same size.

  1. Printing. having the area of an em quad or the length of an em dash.

Origin of em

First recorded in 1860–65

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[ uhm ]

  1. them: Put 'em down there.

Origin of 'em

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English hem, Old English heom, dative and accusative plural of he1

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Symbol, Physical Chemistry.

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  1. electronic mail.

  2. electron microscope; electron microscopy.

  3. end matched.

  4. Engineer of Mines.

  5. enlisted man; enlisted men.

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  1. variant of en-1 before b, p, and sometimes m:embalm.

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  1. variant of en-2 before b, m, p, ph:embolism, emphasis.

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  1. Earl Marshal.

  2. Engineer of Mines.

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How to use em in a sentence

  • The sick allers ez took care on among them, they sed, 's long uz enny on em hez got a thing left.

    Ramona | Helen Hunt Jackson
  • There are three there, Bill, with a jolly large blue unicorn and a gold pitchfork on em, which is the old ladys arms.

  • Coals!what would he do with coals?Toast his cheese with em, and then come back for more.

  • Theres too many of em trying to keep their hands clean, an livin above their means.

  • And all the fal-lals and di-does they larn em in high school now doesnt amount to a row of pins in practical life.

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/ (ɛm) /

  1. Also called: mutton, mut the square of a body of any size of type, used as a unit of measurement

  2. Also called: pica em, pica a unit of measurement used in printing, equal to one sixth of an inch

Origin of em

C19: from the name of the letter M

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/ (əm) /

  1. an informal variant of them

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  1. before b, m, and p, a variant of en- 1, en- 2

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