em quad

  1. a square unit of area, one em on each side.

  2. a quad having such an area.: Compare quad2 (def. 1).

Origin of em quad

First recorded in 1870–75

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How to use em quad in a sentence

  • There are 18 units in a quad, which, unlike the em quad of foundry type, in the smaller sizes is not usually an exact square.

    Typesetting | A. A. Stewart
  • An old-time rule required an em quad after a period before beginning another sentence in the line.

    Typesetting | A. A. Stewart
  • It is desirable to end a paragraph with an em quad, if this is practicable, rather than fill the last line flush.

    Typesetting | A. A. Stewart
  • The usual indention of paragraphs in plain reading matter is an em quad at the beginning of the first line.

    Typesetting | A. A. Stewart