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a combining form used in the formation of nouns denoting abnormal or disordered forms of speech, as specified by the initial element: echolalia; glossolalia.



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Origin of -lalia

<New Latin <Greek laliá talking, chatter, equivalent to lal(eîn) to chatter, babble + -ia-ia
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  • Then, as a tremendous crashing sea came over the waist, all the women but Lalia bolted and left us alone.

  • Some pious persons have called, among them a very devoted pasteur with his daughter, whose name is Lalia.

    Eli and Sibyl Jones|Rufus Matthew Jones

British Dictionary definitions for -lalia


combining form

indicating a speech defect or abnormalitycoprolalia; echolalia
New Latin, from Greek lalia chatter, from lalein to babble
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