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a combining form meaning "solidity," used in the formation of compound words: rheopexy; mastopexy.
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Origin of -pexy

<New Latin -pexia<Greek -pēxia, derivative of pêxis a fixing, solidity; see -y3
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What does -pexy mean?

The combining form -pexy is used like a suffix meaning “solidity.” It is often used in medical terms, especially in surgery for procedures that fix an organ into place.

The form -pexy comes from the Greek pêxis, meaning “a fixing, solidity.” Fixing, here, means “securing into place”—or, with the meaning and sense of -pexy in mind, “putting into a solid position.”

Examples of -pexy

One example of the combining form -pexy is gastropexy, meaning “the surgical attachment of the stomach to the abdominal wall or to the diaphragm.”

The first element of the word, gastro-, may look familiar; it means “stomach.” As we now know, -pexy refers to surgical fixation. So, gastropexy, in other words, is “a fixing of the stomach.”

What are some words that use the combining form –pexy?

What are some other forms that -pexy may be commonly confused with?

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The combining form colo- is used to represent the colon, as in the part of the large intestine. With this in mind, what does the medical procedure of a colopexy involve?

How to use -pexy in a sentence

  • The children, when naughty, are also threatened with the Pexy, who is supposed to haunt woods and coppices.

    The Fairy Mythology|Thomas Keightley

Medical definitions for -pexy


Surgical fixation of an organ:hysteropexy.
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