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[ suhm-thing ]


  1. some thing; a certain undetermined or unspecified thing:

    Something is wrong there.

    Something's happening.

  2. an additional amount, as of cents or minutes, that is unknown, unspecified, or forgotten:

    He charged me ten something for the hat.

    Our train gets in at two something.


  1. Informal. a person or thing of some value or consequence:

    He is really something!

    This writer has something to say and she says it well.


  1. in some degree; to some extent; somewhat.
  2. Informal. to a high or extreme degree; quite:

    He took on something fierce about my tardiness.



/ ˈsʌmθɪŋ /


  1. an unspecified or unknown thing; some thing

    take something warm with you

    he knows something you don't

  2. an unspecified or unknown amount; bit

    something less than a hundred

  3. an impressive or important person, thing, or event

    isn't that something?

  4. something else
    a remarkable person or thing
  5. something or other
    one unspecified thing or an alternative thing


  1. to some degree; a little; somewhat

    to look something like me

  2. informal.
    foll by an adjective (intensifier)

    it hurts something awful



combining form

    1. a person whose age can be approximately expressed by a specified decade
    2. ( as modifier )

      the thirtysomething market

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Word History and Origins

Origin of something1

First recorded before 1000; Middle English, Old English sum thing; some, thing 1
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Word History and Origins

Origin of something1

C20: from the US television series thirtysomething
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Idioms and Phrases

  • buy something
  • get (have) something on someone
  • get something straight
  • have something against
  • hold something against
  • hold (something) over
  • look like something the cat dragged in
  • make something of
  • not put something past one
  • on the ball, have something
  • (something) or other
  • pull something on
  • start something
  • take something
  • you know something
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Example Sentences

Something like fluoride, which is too small for normal filters, yanks away that feeling of agency.

Citizens, perhaps, need to feel like they can communicate something to science.

Why would “they” want to crush him just for attempting to buy something twenty years ago?

But I think Steve Austin has to team up with a Japanese holdout to stop a nuclear bomb from going off or something.

It was something ineffable and harder to define: freedom of speech.

He remembered something—the cherished pose of being a man plunged fathoms-deep in business.

There seems something in that also which I could spare only very reluctantly from a new Bible in the world.

There is, perhaps, in this childish suffering often something more than the sense of being homeless and outcast.

The beauty, the mystery,—this fierce sunshine or something—stir——' She hesitated for a fraction of a second.

And furthermore, I imagine something else about this—quite unlike the old Bible—I imagine all of it periodically revised.


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