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or car·ry·out

[ kar-ee-out ]

carry out


  1. to perform or cause to be implemented

    I wish he could afford to carry out his plan

  2. to bring to completion; accomplish


  1. alcohol bought at a pub or off-licence for consumption elsewhere
    1. hot cooked food bought at a shop or restaurant for consumption elsewhere
    2. a shop or restaurant that sells such food

      we'll get something from the Chinese carry-out

    3. ( as modifier )

      a carry-out shop

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Word History and Origins

Origin of carry-out1

1965–70, Americanism; adj. use of verb phrase carry out

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Example Sentences

The various members met for the first time when they traveled to Gambia at the beginning of December to carry out their plan.

Manttan is keen to carry out research on that Burmese side of the railway as his father worked on that section.

Of the ones that do survive, some will be too disillusioned to carry out an attack.

But none of them managed to be able to acquire the weapons or the bomb materials to carry out either event.

By inciting individual sympathizers to carry out attacks in Western countries, ISIS believes it can advance its cause at no cost.

They will carry out the dictum of Carlyle that the modern university is a university of books.

The text of the amendments designed to carry out these recommendations will be submitted by the Board at an early date.

The Professor, passing benevolently on, was glad he had now enough money to carry out his projects.

A quite young child will, for example, pretend to do something, as to take an empty cup and carry out the semblance of drinking.

It is by my order that the Turks are being left a free hand to carry out this pious duty.