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[ kuh-lekt ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to gather together; assemble:

    The professor collected the students' exams.

    Synonyms: aggregate, amass

    Antonyms: disperse, disband, assign, allot

  2. to accumulate; make a collection of:

    to collect stamps.

    Antonyms: scatter, distribute

  3. to receive or compel payment of:

    to collect a bill.

  4. to regain control of (oneself or one's thoughts, faculties, composure, or the like):

    At the news of her promotion, she took a few minutes to collect herself.

    Synonyms: calm, compose

  5. to call for and take with one: They collected their mail.

    He drove off to collect his guests.

    They collected their mail.

  6. Manège. to bring (a horse) into a collected attitude.
  7. Archaic. to infer.

verb (used without object)

  1. to gather together; assemble:

    The students collected in the assembly hall.

  2. to accumulate:

    Rainwater collected in the barrel.

  3. to receive payment (often followed by on ):

    He collected on the damage to his house.

  4. to gather or bring together books, stamps, coins, etc., usually as a hobby:

    He's been collecting for years.

  5. Manège. (of a horse) to come into a collected attitude.


  1. requiring payment by the recipient: a telegram sent collect.

    a collect telephone call;

    a telegram sent collect.



[ kol-ekt ]


  1. any of certain brief prayers used in Western churches especially before the epistle in the communion service.



/ ˈkɒlɛkt /


  1. Christianity a short Church prayer generally preceding the lesson or epistle in Communion and other services



/ kəˈlɛkt /


  1. to gather together or be gathered together
  2. to accumulate (stamps, books, etc) as a hobby or for study
  3. tr to call for or receive payment of (taxes, dues, etc)
  4. tr to regain control of (oneself, one's emotions, etc) as after a shock or surprise

    he collected his wits

  5. tr to fetch; pick up

    collect your own post

    he collected the children after school

  6. slang.
    intrsometimes foll byon to receive large sums of money, as from an investment

    he really collected when the will was read

  7. informal.
    tr to collide with; be hit by
  8. collect on delivery
    the US term for cash on delivery


  1. (of telephone calls) on a reverse-charge basis


  1. informal.
    a winning bet

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Word History and Origins

Origin of collect1

First recorded in 1375–1425; late Middle English, from Latin collēctus (past participle of colligere “to collect”), equivalent to col- “with, together” + leg- (stem of legere “to gather”) + -tus past participle suffix; col- 1

Origin of collect2

First recorded in 1200–50; Middle English collecte, from Old French collecte, colete, and Medieval Latin collecta, short for ōrātiō ad collēctam “prayer at collection”; collect 1

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Word History and Origins

Origin of collect1

C13: from Medieval Latin collecta (from the phrase ōrātiō ad collēctam prayer at the (people's) assembly), from Latin colligere to collect 1

Origin of collect2

C16: from Latin collēctus collected, from colligere to gather together, from com- together + legere to gather

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Synonym Study

See gather.

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Example Sentences

After 50 years, members of the Huna Tlingit people can finally collect harvest sea gull eggs again in Glacier National Park.

Then the gift card is shopped online in a gray market to collect cold currency.

How a car would be sent to collect him and he would be taken somewhere.

Murder, suicide, illness, old age: These deaths stalk us all, but in prison, they collect us so much more cheaply.

Divide the mixture evenly among the crème brûlée dishes, including any juices that collect.

While residing in Brussels these two artists began to collect works of art for what is now known as the Mesdag Museum.

The cupidity of a man had evidently led him to collect together these odds and ends, and try to turn them to profitable account.

Those who collect taxes without being duly authorized by Government, or misappropriate public funds.

The embryos will collect in the water, and can be easily found with a two-thirds objective.

Usually the time is quite short, enough to enable the parties to collect the evidence relating to the controversy.


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