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Origin of cash on delivery

First recorded in 1850–55
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What does cash on delivery mean?

Cash on delivery refers to an arrangement in which payment for a purchase is made directly by the purchaser to the person who delivers the item.

It is commonly abbreviated as C.O.D., which can also stand for collect on delivery. Cash on delivery and C.O.D. don’t necessarily always mean that actual cash (paper money) is required (though it often used to mean this). Sometimes, a check, money order, or credit card payment will be accepted for a cash on delivery order.

Cash on delivery can be used as an adverb, as in We’re shipping it cash on delivery; as an adjective, as in Our cash on delivery orders are behind schedule; and in other variations. The abbreviation C.O.D. can be used as a noun, as in Sorry, we don’t accept C.O.D.s. 

Example: Most of our shipments are cash on delivery, and we have a high percentage of successful payments.

Where does cash on delivery come from?

The first records of cash on delivery come from the mid-1800s. The first records of C.O.D. come from shortly after.

The phrase cash on delivery has traditionally been associated with wholesale and delivery-based businesses. Cash on delivery is not commonly used in modern online shopping, since prepayment is usually standard, but C.O.D. orders are still sometimes offered as an option. When C.O.D.s were more popular, they were often mentioned as an option on infomercials (or mentioned as specifically not being an option, as in “Sorry, no C.O.D.s”).

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How is cash on delivery used in real life?

Cash on delivery is not as commonly used as it once was.



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Unfortunately, the catalog no longer offers a cash on delivery option.

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British Dictionary definitions for cash on delivery

cash on delivery

a service entailing cash payment to the carrier on delivery of merchandiseAbbreviation: COD
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