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[ kuhn-soo-ming ]


  1. strongly and urgently felt:

    a consuming need to be successful.

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Other Words From

  • con·suming·ly adverb
  • con·suming·ness noun
  • noncon·suming adjective
  • quasi-con·suming adjective
  • self-con·suming adjective
  • uncon·suming adjective

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Word History and Origins

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Example Sentences

(1)  Only charities and non-profits should ask for unpaid workers to staff their operations or undertake time-consuming projects.

Yes, I am familiar with people asking me to do time-consuming projects for free—I get at least one such request every day.

Garry says the biggest problem with this test is in its high-tech, time-consuming method.

Maybe the key, as with so many other foods, lies in consuming artificially sweetened goods in moderation.

What I mean to say is that the calories he is consuming match the calories expended—at 200 pounds, or 300 pounds, or 400 pounds.

Look beyond the phenomena of uplifted mountain-masses, deep-scooped ocean basins, forest-laying tempests and land-consuming waves.

In Scotland we also missed much, but very little that we could have reached without consuming considerably more time.

And all the priests made prayer, while the sacrifice was consuming, Jonathan beginning, and the rest answering.

It was rather his consuming of vitality and lack of sleep that seemed to be wearing him down before their eyes.

Five hundred wigwams were burning within the same narrow compass—consuming alike the bodies of the wounded and the dead.





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