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[ man-ij ]

verb (used with object)

, man·aged, man·ag·ing.
  1. to bring about or succeed in accomplishing, sometimes despite difficulty or hardship:

    She managed to see the governor. How does she manage it on such a small income?

    Synonyms: contrive, arrange

  2. to take charge or care of:

    to manage my investments.

  3. to dominate or influence (a person) by tact, flattery, or artifice:

    He manages the child with exemplary skill.

  4. to handle, direct, govern, or control in action or use:

    She managed the boat efficiently.

    Synonyms: engineer, regulate, conduct, guide

  5. to wield (a weapon, tool, etc.).

    Synonyms: manipulate, handle

  6. to handle or train (a horse) in the exercises of the manège.
  7. Archaic. to use sparingly or with judgment, as health or money; husband.

verb (used without object)

, man·aged, man·ag·ing.
  1. to conduct business, commercial affairs, etc.; be in charge:

    Who will manage while the boss is away?

  2. to continue to function, progress, or succeed, usually despite hardship or difficulty; get along:

    How will he manage with his wife gone? It was a rough time, but we managed.


/ ˈmænɪdʒ /


  1. also intr to be in charge (of); administer

    to manage a shop

    to manage one's affairs

  2. to succeed in being able (to do something) despite obstacles; contrive

    did you manage to go to sleep?

  3. to have room, time, etc, for

    can you manage dinner tomorrow?

  4. to exercise control or domination over, often in a tactful or guileful manner
  5. intr to contrive to carry on despite difficulties, esp financial ones

    he managed quite well on very little money

  6. to wield or handle (a weapon)
  7. rare.
    to be frugal in the use of


  1. an archaic word for manège

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Other Words From

  • over·manage verb (used with object) overmanaged overmanaging
  • quasi-managed adjective
  • self-manag·ing adjective
  • under·manage verb (used with object) undermanaged undermanaging
  • under·managed adjective
  • un·managed adjective
  • well-managed adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of manage1

First recorded in 1555–65; earlier manege, from Italian maneggiare “to handle, train (horses),” derivative of mano, from Latin manus “hand”

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Word History and Origins

Origin of manage1

C16: from Italian maneggiare to control, train (esp horses), ultimately from Latin manus hand

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Synonym Study

See rule.

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Example Sentences

Sputtering, I manage a few “hut-hut-huts” with the other students.

It actually kept the government open all year and manage to pass something vaguely resembling a budget.

How do you find the materials, and how do you manage to get them across New York to the sites?

Ares said there are instances where savvy gankers manage to exploit loopholes.

How do you create and manage the many narrative threads required for a group of characters?

"I'm afraid I couldn't quite manage that, my dear boy," your fond parent would respond.

Two men would manage an engine capable of performing the work of 100 horses.

Stick around the camp in the morning if you can manage it, till they start, and notice which way all those fellows go.

Somebody must explain and manage the entertainment in the radio tent, and who better than Jessie?

No doubt he is,” replied Sam; “but how will you manage to haul him up and prove that he has been swindling the old woman?