[ moo-ham-uhd, -hah-muhd ]

  1. Also Mo·ham·med [moo-ham-id, -hah-mid, moh-], /mʊˈhæm ɪd, -ˈhɑ mɪd, moʊ-/, Ma·hom·et [muh-hom-it] /məˈhɒm ɪt/ .a.d. 570–632, Arab prophet: founder of Islam.

  2. Elijah Elijah Poole, 1897–1975, U.S. clergyman: leader of the Black Muslims 1934–75.

  1. a male given name.

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How to use Muhammad in a sentence

  • Siddhattha, whom men have called Gotama, the Buddha, was before Muhammad and he knew more!

  • Women brought them all the way from the sea, for even Muhammad Anim could not make Afridi riflemen carry loads.

  • The fatalism that she scorned as Muhammad's lie held her in its grip, and her natural courage fought with it.

  • Muhammad Anim growled, pointing over his shoulder to a ledge of rock, like a shelf in the far wall.

  • King lay still and looked up at him, sure that treachery was the ultimate end of any plan the mullah Muhammad Anim had.

British Dictionary definitions for Muhammad


/ (mʊˈhæməd) /

  1. ?570–632 ad, the prophet believed by Muslims to be the channel for the final unfolding of God's revelation to mankind: popularly regarded as the founder of Islam. He began to teach in Mecca in 610 but persecution forced him to flee with his followers to Medina in 622. After several battles, he conquered Mecca (630), establishing the principles of Islam (embodied in the Koran) over all Arabia

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Cultural definitions for Muhammad


The Arab founder of Islam, Muhammad is held by Muslims to be the chief prophet of God. He was born in Mecca (see also Mecca). Muslims believe that the Koran was dictated to him by an angel sent from God.

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