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  1. lively spirits or energy; vigor; animation.

Verb Phrasespast and past participle pepped up,present participle pep·ping up.
  1. pep up, to make or become spirited, vigorous, or lively; animate: We need something to pep up this party.

Origin of pep

First recorded in 1840–50; short for pepper

Other words from pep

  • pepful, adjective

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How to use pep in a sentence

  • You'll feel the real pep shooting up and down your old backbone.

  • They were in a mood for silliness anyhow, Peggy said, for they were on their way to the auditorium for a pep meeting.

    Betty Lee, Freshman | David Goodger (
  • pep expects a treat when he gets up here, she said, and Baldy likes this tall grass, he doesnt have to stoop so low to get it.

  • I have placed copies of "pep" in their hands and watched courage, faith, cheer and serenity come to them.

    Think | Col. Wm. C. Hunter
  • They will enable you to gain pep and efficiency; they will give you a new lease on life and make life more worth living.

    Think | Col. Wm. C. Hunter

British Dictionary definitions for pep (1 of 2)


/ (pɛp) /

  1. high spirits, energy, or vitality

verbpeps, pepping or pepped
  1. (tr usually foll by up) to liven by imbuing with new vigour

Origin of pep

C20: short for pepper

British Dictionary definitions for PEP (2 of 2)


/ (pɛp) /

n acronym for
  1. personal equity plan: a method of saving in the U.K. with certain tax advantages, in which investments up to a fixed annual value can be purchased: replaced by the ISA in 1999 but arrangements for existing PEPs remain unchanged

abbreviation for
  1. political and economic planning

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