/ (sɑːˈmeɪʃɪən) /

  1. a native or inhabitant of Sarmatia, an ancient region of E Europe

  1. of or relating to Sarmatia or its inhabitants

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How to use Sarmatian in a sentence

  • It would also be more Sarmatian than either German or Classical.

    Opuscula | Robert Gordon Latham
  • On the south the corresponding zone is affected by numerous secondary folds which involve the Sarmatian or Upper Miocene deposits.

  • The Sarmatian cavalry, allies of Decabalus (the Dacian king) wear plated armour, covering the men and horses.

  • The population, too, was referable to both branches of the Sarmatian stock—the Slavonic as well as the Lithuanic.

    The Ethnology of Europe | Robert Gordon Latham
  • Aragaris halted; Strombix sprang on the shoulders of the Sarmatian like a squirrel, and they fled away.

    The Death of the Gods | Dmitri Mrejkowski