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[ uh-buhv-bawrd, -bohrd ]


  1. in open sight; without tricks, concealment, or disguise:

    Their actions are open and aboveboard.

    Synonyms: straightforward, honest

    Antonyms: sneaky, underhanded, devious

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Word History and Origins

Origin of aboveboard1

1610–20; above + board; so called from the requirement of keeping the hands above the table or board in order to discourage possible cheating at cards
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Idioms and Phrases

see open and aboveboard .
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Example Sentences

Google and Facebook have said little publicly in response to the new suit, and have maintained that Jedi Blue agreement was legal and aboveboard.

Actually Kennedy knew nothing about the arrangement—and it was completely aboveboard.

"Since things are aboveboard—listen here," said Greenfield with sudden seriousness.

Quick tempers and excitable natures do not arouse mistrust, as they are at least "clear and aboveboard."

They all 'as that; dylies, weeklies, evenin's, Sundyes; but it's of no consequence—my voos are open and aboveboard.

The underhand scheme ran counter to the aboveboard principles of the scout law which he had sworn to obey; of that he felt sure.

It is all aboveboard and it is all done by men of high honour and good character—I mean the Embassy staff.


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